Dandeli River Rafting - White water rafting.

Top rated Activity in Dandeli is Dandeli river rafting. Dandeli water rafting is done in white water of kali river rapids and surfing during rafting makes you stun. 

Dandeli white water river rafting

dandeli RIVER rafting


                         Dandeli  River Rafting is the adventurous sport and recreational activity using a raft to navigate a river. Those who enjoy adventure sports and the rush of adrenalin, Dandeli is the place to be. Water sports have always been the key attraction of this place. Kali River rafting, white water rafting in Kali river, kayaking and canoeing – such an elaborate arrangement will definitely fuel the passion of adventure sports in you. For the sheer excitement of rafting in the river Kali you will surely come to Dandeli again and again.

                            Be it a Swimmer or Non Swimmer; experience the exciting rafting at DKF which is of 3 Hrs of time covering 9.5 kms. Taking into consideration all safety measures right from Life Jackets, Helmets to the trained Rafts-man, you can scream to your maximum capacity and enjoy the event.

                            River Kali is famous in Karnataka which is flowing in Uttar Kannada District of Karnataka Place Named Joida Taluk and Dandeli Taluk. It gets birth in Diggi Place in Joida Taluk. Such many various small rivers flows through kali river. There is Dam named SUPA DAM which second biggest Dam in Asia. Kali River water gets stored in Supa Dam reservoirs ( Supa Dam Backwaters) during rainy season. Power is produced by releasing Dam water through dam gates. Wherever Dam water is released through various gates Dandeli White water River Rafting is done by various adventure groups. Rafting is done in only one fixed place where rafting is carried, place named GANESHGUDI which is 27  km from Dandeli. At least one full gate has to be opened for rafting. 365 day water flows from dam with half gate opened so almost all other activities are done throughout whole year. Best Season for Rafting is October 10th to June 10th. In monsoon season rafting is stopped as water is collected in dam and power requirement is less during rainy season. If excess rain falls and dam is full then dam water may be overflowed and  short rafting may be done by adventure group. Gates of Dam may be closed for the reason not requirement of power or some maintenance of Dam unit. 95% guests are lucky enough to get white water river rafting so nobody can assure you 100% of doing rafting. Even if rafting is not possible during rainy season, other activities like Raft Boating, Natural River Jacuzzi, River Kayaking, River Zipline, River ball zorbing and other Adventure sports  are opened. Dandeli resorts arranges you to do dandeli river rafting activity successful. Dandeli river rafting place is 13 kms away from kingfisher resort.

Long Distance Rafting 8.5 km with 8 Rapids

This long Dandeli White Water River Rafting is done by Jungle Lodges Govt. Enterprise  ( Kali Adventure Under Karnataka Govt. ). There is online per-booking available. You can pay in advance online and book. If your slot gets booked and failing to attend the slot will not get any refund. If rafting is cancelled due to any other reason then your booking amount will be refunded. 

Short and Mid Rapid White Water Rafting

Short White Water Rafting is done by many private adventure groups. This short rafting is about half an hour with one big rapid and 3 time surfing which is also very thrill adventure sports in Dandeli. Even non-swimmers can do this activity under trained raft guides. There are non-certified adventure groups so to be safe always do rafting under certified adventure groups. Our Guest rafting is done under certified adventure groups. 

Mid Rapid White Water Rafting is of 5.5 km with 6 Rapids. This mid rafting is about 1.5 hr with 6  rapid and surfing. Even non-swimmers can do this activity under trained raft guides. Our Guest rafting is done under certified adventure groups. Rafting in dandeli

Rafting Cost

Short Rafting 500 Rs/-

Mid Rafting  1200 Rs/-

Govt. Long Rafting 1350 /-