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Activities :  
“When you're on Vacation Time, you're always having the time of your life”.
DKF offers a wealth of fun and diverse activities to do on land - from Cycling, Rappelling, Zip Line or even Night Camp to Jungle Safari to walking tours to relaxing with Jacuzzi Natural water Bath.

Water Rafting :  

Water Rafting is the adventurous sport and recreational activity using a raft to navigate a river. Be it a Swimmer or Non Swimmer; experience the exciting rafting at DKF which is of 3 Hrs of time covering 9.5 kms. Taking into consideration all safety measures right from Life Jackets, Helmets to the trained Rafts-man, you can scream to your maximum capacity and enjoy the event.

  dandeli water rafting
Kayaking :  

Over the years kayaking has evolved as a popular sport. A relatively narrow human powered boat which is manually propelled by double bladed paddle used to visit small islands in and around the place.

Coracal ride :  

Coracle is a saucer shaped- small boat made out of bamboo and tanned buffalo hide. A ride down the river Kali in a coracle is a thrilling and super exciting experience as the breeze brushes across your face, the cattle grazing on the other shore with the mountains in the far distance

  coracle ride
Nature Walk :

We see it every day, but never observe it. We hear it but never listen to its sweet voice. We feel it everywhere, but how many times have we really experienced the sunset and sunrise, the song of birds, their evening gatherings, the breeze that sways trees and the winds that blow your mind away…it’s all nature and beauty divine.
Ever since the dawn of time, we were gifted with nature’s presence. Walking midst the nature is a different experience than walking on track paths. Spend your vacation in DKF to experience the divine beauty of nature.

  jungle trekking
Rappling :

In India rappelling is one of the most adventurous sports in recent days. It is a controlled descent down a rock face using equipments like rope, harness, gear, anchors, safety backups, helmets, gloves, sturdy boots and knee pads. DKF is blessed with rocky terrain that has sturdy rocks and vertical slopes that makes a challenging sport to rappel down. The sport is made adventurous by our expertise instructors.

  mountain rappeling
Zip line :

A number of tourists go for Zip-line activity and it has gained immense popularity in recent days. Zip – line is crossing across the valley with the help of rope and other equipments. Our experienced instructors make the activity adventurous and stunning.

  zip line adventure activities
Cycling :

In the midst of forest paradise, cycling happens to be more relaxing activity. On the way cycling the chirping birds sound, the greenery around and the pleasant sound of river kali refreshes the senses.

  cycling in dandeli forest
Night Camp at Backwater :

Dandeli is known for its beautiful lush green and dense forest. DKF is located on the banks of river Kali providing night camping an exquisite ambience. The tents are surrounded by dense lush green forests on one side where the migratory birds rest and animals grazing in peace and serene stream of water flow on the other side. Enjoy the Mystic Riverine woods and engross yourself in nature’s sound

  night camp
Fishing :

You will be taken to fishing spot either to backwater or Kaliriver, if fishes are caught then the fish dishes are prepared and served to you.

Jungle Safari :

The best way to explore the undiscovered trails of nature in India is by Jungle Safari. The adventure which takes you closer to the wilds of nature is beyond imagination. Dandeli having dense forest makes wildlife excursion thrilling and memorable one. Track down the green and settle your camp amidst the jungle.
We have customised tours planned in accordance to the tourists requirement- hire a jeep or sit back on elephant and observe untamed Tigers, Roaring Lions, Wild boars, Spotted Deer’s, Dancing Peacock and herd of animals walk the earth. DKF efforts are aimed at providing a lifetime experience to our tourists.

  jungle safari
Bird Watching :

Early morning you will be taken to watch the birds where you can find various types of birds. Birdwatching or birding is the observation of birds as a recreational activity. It can be done with the naked eye, through a visual enhancement device like binoculars and telescopes, or by listening for bird sounds.

  bird watching
Jacuzzi Natural Water Bath:

Jacuzzi is the name that defines fun and relaxing. The springs of water, the scent of flowers and woods around, the chirping of birds and the blue sky above; gives a refreshing experience. Come to DKF where Mother Nature waved her magical wand and created the natural wonder the Natural water Bath.

  jacuzzi bath